your life since high school.

Drafting your career autobiography may seem intimidating at first. You may wonder “Where do I begin?” “Do I include my childhood and family history?”
Write two to five pages describing your life since high school. Think about how you would answer the following questions:
What kind of activities and work experiences have contributed to where I am now?
What are my strengths, weaknesses, and interests?
Who has influenced me and what are my most influential relationships? Why?
Where do I see myself in five years within my career? How will my education help me follow that path?
When you begin writing your draft please remember to include a little bit of a personal history, but focus on your career path. You may also refer to the example of an autobiography in the resources section of the classroom.
Feel free to use your knowledge map from this week’s forum to help you develop your outline. There are additional examples of knowledge mapping in the resources section of the classroom.
The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop a career autobiography to support a petition for prior learning credit (LO6).
LO6: Identify, develop, and prepare appropriate documentation/components to support a petition for prior learning credit
Note: Born in United Arab emirates migrated to the U.S in 1996.
Joined the military in 2008.
Very Important: Please review the courses details attachment and ensure that the Autobiography reflects on all the three courses objective and contents. Courses objectives and learning contents must be included in the Autobiography in order to get credit.