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You can’t plan for everything, but you can come prepared. Think of this as your networking and interviewing multitool for any networking opportunity that might arise. Goals for assignment: – Articulate concrete examples of your strengths, accomplishments, and weaknesses. – Practice persuasion and interpersonal skills in a simulated environment. – Practice effective and appropriate document formatting. Directions and guidelines: Written Component – List five of your most valuable strengths or skills and five of your most articulable weaknesses or other areas you are focused on improving. For each of these 10 items, provide an example where that quality was on display. Provide a concise but complete summary of the example that illustrates the related quality without requiring further explanation or detail. Think of this as similar to the outline you would submit on your speech day in a public speaking class, or what the general resume is to your targeted resume. In that vein, this is primarily a document aimed at preparing you to leverage the content in it. Optionally, you may include any planned response or material for other situations you may anticipate (“Tell me about yourself…” or “What exactly are you looking for here”). Again, these inclusions are optional and are not expected nor required. They will only translate into a grade insofar as they help you prepare. Interpersonal Component – The performance aspect of this assignment will comprise a simulated conversation of up to 10 minutes. Your goal in this conversation is to make a professional, persuasive, and personal impression with an executive (Sam) in the industry you identified in past assignments (Organization Research Report; Targeted Resume). Specifically, you must: – Approach and initiate the conversation with the executive, – Integrate your appropriate prepared material and examples persuasively, – Employ effective verbal and nonverbal messages to create a professional and personal impression, – Adapt appropriately to the flow of conversation, – Follow-up with your new contact after the conversation. Details to remember: – Five strengths, five weaknesses, one example for each – Seven to 10 minute conversational performance. – I suggest coordinating schedules with your group to all deliver in the same week and maximize dedicated preparation time. What to turn in: – Upload your documents separately to Canvas as .doc or .docx files. – Filename conventions: “LASTNAME F Networking Prep”. How will they be evaluated?: The prep document is first and foremost a tool for you. Sections should be clearly labeled. Stories should be concise, complete, and clearly connected to the identified strength/weakness. In these regards, this document should be clearly organized, easy to navigate, and not rely on external knowledge or memory (30 pts). For the networking performance, you will be evaluated on your effective self-presentation and persuasive integration of prepared material. Interpersonal conversation skills will be evaluated along dimensions of attentiveness, composure, expression, and coordination. Additionally, professional manner and courtesy will be incorporated in the grade (90 pts).


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