Writing About Science

English 101 Paper Two:
Writing About Science
Science can be broken down into many academic disciplines, and from there into even more numerous fields in engineering, health, and industry. Science is a way of thought, a method of inquiry, and a means to understand our universe. Ideally, you already have an interest in one or more scientific fields, and you already recognize how science underpins much of our work not only here at TCC but in the larger world off campus. The purpose of our second paper is to allow you to write about a scientific topic of your choice—hopefully something that piques your curiosity or potentially even draws you into a future career or area of study.
Write a four to six page paper, typed and double-spaced, on the scientific topic of your choice. Your paper must be formatted and documented according to APA guidelines, and all topics must be cleared with me. Five sources are required at a minimum for a successful grade. I will try to guide your decision-making process as appropriate towards topics that lend themselves to ready research.
What will you choose to write about? Medical advances based on new technologies are extending lives and expanding the “active” years of the average human being; so-called “green” technologies are being investigated that promise to slow or even reverse climate change and revolutionize our lives in the process; artificial intelligence (of a sort) appears in our search algorithms and influences the advertising that we see every day; and so on. I could probably fill this page with examples of science in our lives, but you get the picture. Choose an area of scientific study, narrow the topic down to something that you can write about in the space requirements here, and let your research help you organize the paper. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions about this assignment.
I have decided, after much thought, that the topic of my paper is going to be the fears and triggers behind someone with anxiety/panic disorder. For example: Why do we get anxious during certain events, times, etc? Coming from someone who deals with diagnosed anxiety/panic disorder daily, I want to research further in to what may be some things causing my anxiety to “flare up” or where certain fears stem from that cause me to be anxious. I think that a lot of our fears and anxiety come from traumas, life events, and being exposed to things throughout our adolescent years. I would overall just like to research further in to this topic not only for this paper, but I feel that it can have some self healing and reflecting benefits for me personally.
So far for research I have been reading a book about anxiety, listening to TedTalks, doing some online research, and purchased a magazine by TIME yesterday that I feel will be helpful for my paper.