why is health care reform necessary?

I need a writer who will help me fix and edit my paper that the teacher wants me to fix. This is the original assignment below and I chose the Beveridge model. Attached is the draft of my paper that needs to be fixed and the article we were supposed to use. I need a strong thesis with the themes that will lay out the paragraphs below it.
She wants me to fix the structure of the paper and start with some context- why is health care reform necessary? What are the problems the US faces? Next,a strong thesis followed by paragraphs that outline key points – how will the Beveridge model address each of the deficiencies in the US healthcare system? Rather than defining the Beveridge model in one paragraph and explaining why it’s the right model for the US in another, spend each body paragraph examining a different point you laid out in your thesis – ie. what is the problem and how will the Beveridge model fix it? Demonstrating your understanding of a topic is much stronger than recapping what you read.
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The first position paper is an exercise in writing and mind-stretching. We are interested here in your thoughts based on your experience and imagination. Before writing a first draft of this paper, be sure to read chapter 2 of T.R. Reid’s book, The Healing of America (available below).
T.R. Reid. 2009. The Healing of America. New York: Penguin, Chapter 2
Since you have read only this one article before writing this paper, we encourage you to limit any citations in your paper to this one. Below we ask you to think about health system utopias. Read the exercise and please answer the highlighted question.
The new president is from a party that now controls both houses of congress with a supermajority in the senate. The president and her party agree on most things. She has almost unlimited political capital after a 50-state landslide victory. Her number one priority is creating a new American Healthcare Century and she has asked you to recommend an ideal new American system. You have four very good choices outlined succinctly in chapter 2 of T.R. Reid’s book or a hybrid system (model 5) with elements of models 1-4:
The Bismarck Model
The Beveridge Model
The National Health Insurance Model
The Out-Of-Pocket Model
A Hybrid System
Based on your experience and knowledge of the health system in the United States, what model would you recommend and why? Do not get involved in practical implementation issues.
If you choose the hybrid system, please briefly describe the elements from models 1-4 that you would include.