which music technique is being used that is common in the music of India, and Arab music?

Final exam essay questions: Each essay section will include two pieces of music 1. Libiamo ne lieti calici: composed by Verdi:
Phrase A 0:22 -0:30. Phrase A again 031 -0: 39 with a more complete last chord cadence;
Phrase B from 0:40– 0:47 Phrase B again from 0:47 to 0:55 with slightly different and more final cadence (pause) followed by just one phrase A 0:55 to 1:05.
Answer this: Using complete sentences to answer the question and naming the composer, Verdi. Which phrase or phrases are being sung by the chorus and the audience from 1:57 to 2:14?
Answer this: Which phrase is being sung by the tenors at 2: 14?
2. Essay two with Chopin Mazurka in B flat major and Carnatic violin duet: Starting with Chopin: From timestamp 1:26 to 2: 37, which music technique is being used that is common in the music of India, and Arab music? Be specific.
Carnatic violin duet: Answer this: What are some important places during the performance that feature techniques learned from our studies including the use of portamento (gliding or sliding tones) and the varied construction of the non-western scale? Use timestamps to point out specifics. In addition, what is the non-violin instrument playing throughout the entire performance?
1. Describe the most interesting parts of “golpe”. Be sure to include from timestamp 4:40 -5:15
2. Offenbach duet from Barcarolle.
I’m always amused by critics. They continue to prove a point that whatever they write is worthless and often simply mean spirited or arrogant. The first time I heard this duet was in a refugee camp. Two women, one Jewish and one a Bulgarian gypsy, both hoping to immigrate to USA, Canada or Australia would sing solos and duets every Friday night. This Offenbach duet was one of those pieces. Form:
It’s a larger part form with phrases A,A,B,B, C,C, A and a conclusion of A.
Begin at timestamp 1:04. Phrase A 1:04-1:12 and again from1:13-1:22. Phrase B 1:22-1:32 and again 1:33-1:40. This song has a Phrase C from 1:41 to 1:50: Answer this: Which phrase is being sung at 1:53 and which is being sung at 2:14?
Answer this: As you read the comments made by people writing opinions, which three comments best describe your personal response and evaluation of this music and performance?