When is an individual obligated to stand up against society?

Topic:When is an individual obligated to stand up against society? Reflect on issues presented within The Crucible and our discussions of text to examine when at any point an individual is obligated to stand up against society (i.e. societal norms, mass hysteria, injustices, differences of moral and ethics). You are to create an argumentative essay examining your stance on this topic while referencing either the Crucible as an entire work in addressing Arthur Miller’s individual experience with communism or an individual character’s portrayal within the text that highlights this issue. Be sure to make connections to our current society as well. Length: Your essay should be no less than 2 complete typed pages double spaced, size 12 font Times New Roman, consisting of an introduction, your clearly stated thesis with supporting evidence, acknowledgement of the counter argument. References/ Citations: You can reference the text The Crucible (all acts covered within our class), class discussions, current societal issues (i.e. homelessness, racism, COVID-19, etc.) , as it pertains to outside sources be sure that it aligns with the text version we have read in class as well as is applicable to the purpose of this essay. (NO DATA DUMPING, NO COPY & PASTE).Plagiarism: Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated whatsoever. Every essay will be reviewed by a plagiarism cite; each student will be granted a 15% percent leniency window that will be thoroughly reviewed thereafter by the instructor. Anything over the 15% will be deductions will be made accordingly anything beyond 25% will account as a failed attempt (You will be able to resubmit your essay as many times as you would like up until its due date June 9th 11:59pm)