What data do the authors use to answer their research questions?

In a 2-page double spaced paper, address and answer all of the following items. Ensure that you connect your answers to the arguments or evidence argued in the paper. Papers that do not ground their answers in what is presented in the article will not receive the amount of points possible.
What is the author’s research question?
What is the theoretical motivation for the author’s research question (e.g. what is the supporting theoretical background) and what are the author’s hypotheses?
What data do the authors use to answer their research questions? Describe the data that the authors collect and use, and give a detailed explanation on how this data would help the authors answer their research questions.
Summarize the results that the author finds. Note that there are various sets of results that the author discusses; you should be careful to accurately distinguish between the different sets of results.
Based on the research published in this paper, what are some other extensions for future empirical research on this topic that you can think of? Note that you do not have to do any further research to answer this question; you should instead reflect on the theoretical concepts and empirical data in this paper and suggest a related question that could be answered with similar (or extended) data — you do not actually have to answer this question, we are just looking for your thinking.
Your assignment should be 2 double-spaced pages using Times New Roman 12-point font and 1-inch margins. You should not refer to outside sources (your answer should be based in the assigned article) so you will not need a works cited page, but if you do draw from a quoted source within the article, you should note in-line that you are referring to the other article that the authors discuss. (For example you could write: “Thomsen (2014) cites Brady, Han, and Pope (2007) to provide the theoretical argument that in the age of hyper-polarization, ideological moderates may have the ex-ante belief that they stand a low chance of winning.”)
I will attach the reading that you need to do in order to answer the questions on it.