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What are the pros and cons to expanding the Supreme Court?

Currently the Legislative branch is trying to expand the Supreme Court by adding 4 new seats to the Court to make 13 justices instead of 9 justices. The Constitution does not outline specifically how many justices must be appointed. Some argue this is going to “pack the court” with liberal justices. Others argue is it going to create a balance from the current conservative tipped bench presently in place.
Answer the following questions:
1) What are the pros and cons to expanding the Supreme Court?
2) Do you think this is merely a political move or a necessary move?
3) What are your thoughts on this issue?
4) Do you think the framers intended the Supreme Court to be expanded and or packed on one side or the other?
Please make sure you support your thoughts.
After you have made your main post, respond to at least 3 other postings (responding to your instructor counts!). Respond to students who have offered a different perspective or opinion than yours. Be sure to ask thought-provoking questions of your classmates to further and deepen the discussion. There is no word count requirement in these discussions, but I expect you to write enough to fully answer and explore the questions asked. List your references at the end (or footnote, if you are motivated). Formal citation format is not required, but if you are a Legal Studies major, I recommend you use Bluebook to help increase your familiarity with it.