Gender Studies

What are the characteristics of a cloaked website?

The course material discusses “fake news” in the form of cloaked websites and social media pages. Using the content from Weeks 4 and 5, argue points around each of the following questions:
What are the characteristics of a cloaked website?
What are the characteristics of cloaked social media pages? In what ways do these social media pages differ from the cloaked websites described by Daniels?
Both the Yes Men and Stormfront’s Don Black would probably argue that their cloaked websites are guerilla tactics used in the service of making a valid political point. What do you think? Is some propaganda “good” and other propaganda “bad”? What makes a cloaked website or social media page “acceptable” or not?
What strategies can we practice to avoid being duped by fake news?
Define all the terms that you use and develop your arguments as thoroughly as possible. You are permitted to bring examples from outside of the class, but remember that you are being marked on your ability to articulate arguments around the course material. Examples are specific cases to prove your argument.
This Assignment will be written as a formal essay. Approximately 1200 words, 12-point font, standard margins. Include a title page at the beginning and a References page at the end. Make sure to number all pages. The References page does not contribute to word count. Make sure to cite all material that you use in APA format. Please see the attached marking rubric for more details concerning how you will be evaluated.
Click the title of this assignment to open the file submission page and attach your essay as a Word document (PDF as last resort; absolutely no Pages docs).