.” West’s Encyclopedia of American Law

.” West’s Encyclopedia of American Law. . 1. Describe why your topic must be studied.
2. Describe the overall results of your topic of interest (make sure to add in-text citations by listing the authors in the text).
**Use Purdue Owl if you are not sure how to create in-text citations in APA format.
3. Describe the themes found in the 10 sources.
4. Describe each study (how the authors conducted their study) and the results of each study (describe whether or not their study was significant).
*Your literature review must be in APA format (this includes your reference page; see here for assistance).
*You must include 10 valid and reliable sources in your literature review.
*Your literature review must be at least 750 words. . 16 Oct. 2020 . (2020, December 04). Retrieved December 05, 2020, from
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