understanding of the meaning of liberalism and conservatism

Reply to the following forums by answering these questions in at least 125 words each:
Did your classmates make convincing and understandable analyses of the articles?
Did the points selected show a genuine understanding of the meaning of liberalism and conservatism?
If not, can you point out any misunderstandings or misapplications of these terms?
Were the explanations clear, or is clarification needed?
Explain why you agree or disagree by referring to what you have learned about the concepts of conservatism and liberalism.
1) “The Problem with a ‘Woke’ Military by Robert M. Berg June 6, 2021
The article begins with the author talking about some values of the Army when he first joined. Stating that they believed in a “mission first, people always” type of value. He then goes into how the Army has slowly began to change its priorities and be more inclusive, specifically pushing for diversity, equity, and inclusion. He also goes on to state that changing these values can affect a mission getting done. The Army doesn’t exist to the be inclusive or to care for soldiers. He then begins to talk about recruitment and how many people are disqualified because the Army doesn’t and cant include everyone. He ends it with stating the diversity, equity, and inclusion policies aren’t going to unite us, that they will actually distract those from the mission.
The author has been in the Army for 23 years so I can entirely see where he is coming from. The Army he was brought up in is very different than what it is now. Even for me in the Air Force you see this, those in leadership positions view how to treat people, and how things should be ran very different than those that are newer to the ranks. The article is written with conservative tones. Most liberals believe in being inclusive, having diversity and equity and the author basically states the Army doesn’t need those values. However one thing I noticed in the article was the author stated at first the value was “mission first, people always”. But then goes on to say “The Army does not exist to care for soldiers”. It seems to contradict itself to me, almost like hes saying the Army doesn’t care for its people. Just like saying that the new policies are going to distract from the mission, well there really aren’t “missions” anymore. Were not fighting major wars everyday. The day to day “mission” is the same of a civilian going to work, not everyone is launching planes to do bombing raids, were not sending boots on the ground everyday to go door to door. A “mission first” military just doesn’t need to exist, but taking care of the people and making them feel part of the team should be the first step.
2) I reviewed an article posted to the National Review Online website which expands on Democratic hypocrisy during the Covid-19 pandemic, The article goes into detail on how the democratic politicians and wealthy powerful elitists are using the pandemic to push an unusually strict and specific agenda. Many of the ideas and restrictions imposed on the general public involve curtailing individual freedoms and applying pressure to submit to governmental control and dependency. The article highlights the use of a pandemic to fit an agenda, “Later Emanuel clarified that crises allow radical changes that were before never even considered—or considered impossible. Without catastrophe, no one in his right mind would vote for far-Left agendas.”(Hanson, 2021) These left-wing agenda seekers and the groups that support and push for a “great-reset”, which would in turn pave the way for the global elites, wealthy bureaucrats, and leftist politicians to be the ruling class and control the country.
This article focuses on liberal ideologies and stand points without any conservative input with the exception of the last line of the article which states, “Yet a cynic might conclude they didn’t go full reset until as good capitalists they first got filty rich—allowing them not to live like, think like—or listen to—the rest of us.” (Hanson, 2021) After the initial onset of the pandemic and the subsequent forced shutdowns of most if not all small businesses, the federal government put forth “stimulus money” allegedly to help people who were forced out of work to have some minor income. This stimulus money along with eviction restrictions, temporary suspensions of student loans, and overinflated unemployment benefits, would cause the “masses” to be enticed to “easy” money and the promise or possibilities of more. All of which were liberal ideas and pushed heavily in democratic communities and states.The promise of not having to pay bills, getting huge amounts on unemployment checks, and a nice lump sum of cash to spend however one likes, has done nothing more than to increase large corporations profits during the lock downs. Many of these same corporations amassing wealth due to the pandemic lock downs in democratic states, are the same corporations that contributed to democratic political candidates. “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. Matthew 6:24 ESV (BIBLE, 2021)
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