Tin Pan Alley and Swing

Unit 3: Tin Pan Alley and Swing, written prompt due
Unit 3: Tin Pan Alley and Swing
Tin Pan Alley Lecture 1: Reading Assignment: The Pop, Rock and Soul Reader (ed. David Brackett) Chp 1
Choose one of the following prompts and respond in the manner outlined in the “Essay Response Rubric.” Attach your 500 word response as a DOC file.
Prompt 1 (Tin Pan Alley):
Charles Hamm writes (pg. 5) that Berlin’s songs “encode or reflect or perpetuate or shape or empower — depending on how one views the social function of popular music — the culture and values of this complex community.” Describe, first, the complex community that Hamm describes in his article. What were the racial, ethnic, social, and economic conditions that gave birth to Tin Pan Alley’s musical style? Second, explain how popular music carried out one of the functions listed by Hamm: encoding, reflecting, perpetuating, shaping, or empowering its surroundings. Explore the role played by the composer in this process. Third, compare this situation with popular music today. How does contemporary popular music continue to play the same roll in society that you described of the past?
Please following paper instructions and remember do not plagiarize do the best