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This paper is your 10+ page analysis (not counting title page and reference list) of a popular press book about leadership. My book is “The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership” by James C. Hunter At its most basic, your analysis is focused on the author’s argument(s) in light of academic research (i.e. peer-reviewed or recognized scholarly source). As you consider your analysis remember that an analysis is not only negative. You may want to include elements of the author’s arguments that support or extend the academic research you locate. While you may utilize materials from class in your analysis, you must incorporate at least six additional academic sources from your own research. In this type of analysis, you should not report on each source and its relation to the author’s argument individually—rather you are building broader arguments that might utilize several sources. And do not be afraid to use more than six sources! As you think about your overall argument, you might begin by considering the following questions: Would this book be helpful to leaders in multiple contexts? What are the overall strengths and weaknesses of the author’s argument and supporting material? How do the author’s arguments compare/fit with other authors you have read? What arguments, examples, evidence, etc. does the author use well? What’s missing, if anything, from the author’s argument? You should carefully read the Grading Rubric as it provides detailed requirements for your paper. As always if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab has helpful resources for APA Style. You will find it under “Most Popular Resources” on their main page ( You should take what you have researched and written up to that point with you, as well as the assignment description and Grading Rubric. Some generally helpful information: Research I recommend the following databases for this topic within EBSCO: Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, Communication Source, and PsycINFO. ProQuest, JSTOR, and Google Scholar can also be helpful, although they may be a bit broad. You should “mine” any source’s bibliography; that is, if the authors cite something else that is relevant to your argument follow to that source and read it as well. They may have not included something from the source that will be useful to you. You should also see who else has cited an article that is particularly useful to you. Basic Structure (with some ideas for content – not required) Introduction (situate your book, provide a short overview of the book, and your main argument/thesis) Supporting Arguments First Point (e.g., book’s author says/leaves out, research says, compare/contrast/extend) Second Point (same as above) Third Point (same as above) Conclusion (review your main argument, discuss its implications, provide a personal reflection on your reaction to the book) Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab has helpful resources for APA style. You will find it under “Most Popular Resources” on their main page (


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