Communications and Media

Theories and Elements of film

Prepare powerpoint Slides (Min 12 slides , 5 min long presentation)
Name of the director :joe Johnston
Chosen film : jurassik park III
• Theories and Elements of film – Choose 3 theories and not only 2
– Emotion through Cinematography;
– Visual Literacy;
– Soviet Montage;
– Continuity, Discontinuity; Emotion and Time;
– Classical and Post-Classical Narrations, Post Classical Approach;
– Authorship Movie (Aeteur theory);
– Holllywood Cinema and Technology;
– How cinema styles and tastes have changed, Influence of technology;
– Aesthetics Theory movie;
– Movie Structuralism;
– Apparatus Theory;
– Mise-En-Scene Theory;
– Genre Theory;
– Cognitive Film Theory;
– Movie Archetypes Theory;
– Mimetic and diegetic approach to the film.
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Student Example is also attached.
Screen captures from the movie should be included.