The World Bank

You will be required to choose a country, other than the United States or US territories or US commonwealth, etc. such as Puerto Rico, Guam or the US Virgin Islands. (Please select El Salvador as the Country)
You will collect basic socio-economic data and other relevant description information on your country.
During week 1, you need to submit:
the name of the country and it’s geographic location;
basic socio-demographic information, including population, major ethnic groups, religions;
economic information, including GDP, GDP per capita, the most important goods and services produced, major categories of imports and exports, the name of the national currency; and,
type of government, membership in major international organizations such as the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and major regional organizations such as the EU, the Euro Zone, ASEAN, NAFTA, etc. (Don’t list every organization that the country you select belongs to, just the most important ones).
Much of this information will also be used in subsequent weeks as you build on what you learn each week.
Your assignment should be submitted as a Word document, so remember to use paragraphs and a report structure to your report.
Expectations for the research assignments:
1) Respond to all of the week’s topics and sub-topics;
2) Cite (APA style) all the information presented, not just direct quotes;
3) Reference (APA) style) the sources at the end;
4) Use proper paragraphing; and,
5) Present the information in a clear and professional fashion.
You can find that information at websites like CIA Factbook, and The World Bank (links are below). You can also find useful information about your country at web sites in the country of your choice.
Do not use
Your research paper this week should be between 250 and 350 words. Shorter submissions will be penalized. Longer assignments are acceptable only if the extra words add substance to your report. At the bottom of your assignment, you should include a word count (how many words are in your post).
Structure your paper as a report. Do use multiple paragraphs. Do NOT attach your report, instead type it into the text box or upload it as a Word document as per the instructions after you click on on Research Assignment above.
You must cite all the information used in your report and include the sources in your reference listing. Use APA format for citations and references.