Political Science

the work the intelligence community does

There are several perennial concerns that citizens have about the work the intelligence community does. First is the debate between security and freedom. Second, is the debate between the need for secrecy and governmental transparency. Last is the more contemporary issues of independence within the intelligence community and political interference from elected officials, particularly the president.
Your task, as the new Director of National Intelligence, is to write a presidential memo to newly elected President Biden to discuss each of these issues citing specific examples to highlight your points. Make sure that you address all three of these issues in a fair and balance manner. Then, you can advice the president on what you think is best for the administration given the current political climate.
There are few restrictions to your memo, but here are a few:
2) it must use at least 20 vocabulary words from the texts (these should be highlighted to make easily identified)
3) it must cite all sources, including internet sources that are used to illustrate your points. Use a proper in-text citation and bibliography style.
4) your memo must have an introduction and a conclusion