The psychology of economic decisions

2 Questions.
For the first question only 500 works are required and for the second 1500 words are required.
If any mathematical notation is used make sure the word function for mathematical equations on word is used.
Include graphs if needed
Below I’ll have all the lecture material, you only need to go the slides necessary for the question
CustomerBelow are the books on which everything is based.
Part 1:
Experimental economics: rethinking the rules
Book by Nick Bardsley
Behavioral economics
Book by Edward Cartwright
Chapter 6: Dynamic Decisions under uncertainty: some recent evidence from economics and psychology in The psychology of economic decisions
Chapter by Robin, Cubitt; Chris, Starmer; Robert, Sugden
PArt 2:
Experiments in economics: playing fair with money
Book by Ananish Chaudhur
Part 3:
The handbook of experimental economics
Book by John H. Kagel; Alvin E. Roth
Theory, Experiment and Economics in The Journal of Economic Perspectives
Article by Vernon L. Smith