Health Care

the outbreak of Covid-19,

Context: Vaccination has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective survival interventions, especially for
people who are at a high risk. Some diseases that caused a lot of fear and panic in the past, like measles, have
been almost eradicated worldwide through vaccination. Now more than ever, since the outbreak of Covid-19,
vaccination is a widely discussed topic. Producing vaccines is a time-consuming task that can last up to ten years.
For Covid-19, however, this was achieved within a year, and vaccination started at the beginning of 2021. For
example, in the Netherlands people are being vaccinated with two different RNA vaccines made by Moderna 4
and Pfizer and a vector vaccine made by AstraZeneca. Although both methods are designed to counter Covid19, they follow a different working principle. Aside from these two methods, throughout history there were
many more types of vaccination invented, including:
 Live, Attenuated Vaccines
 Killed or Inactivated Vaccines
 Toxoids
 Subunit and Conjugate Vaccines
Assignment title: Describe the mechanism for two different vaccinations. Identify the challenges and
opportunities for the two vaccines you have chosen. Evaluate what type of vaccine is the most, providing reasons
and academic support for your answer.
Written Report – A structured piece of written coursework based on individual research topics.
 Word count – 800 – 1000 words (you must not exceed this word count)
 Must include the following sections/headings:
o Abstract (not included in word count)
o Introduction
o Description of a specific process
o Discussion:
 What do your findings mean?
 What limitations are there to your research?
 What are the possible areas of research that could be done on this topic in the
o Conclusion
o Bibliography/Reference list (not included in word count)
 Should include 2 sources attached there and 4 another ones
(recommended number of sources – between 6 and 8)
 Audience: An educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the subject matter