The impact on US national and international security.

1) Lowenthal, Mark. Intelligence: From secrets to policy, 8th edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. CHAPTERS 4-6
2) Jarmon, Jack and Pano Yannakogeorgos. The Cyber Threat and Globalization: The impact on US national and international security. Lanham, MA: Roman and Littlefield. CHAPTERS 2
1) List and describe the seven phases of intelligence process.
2) Explain, with historical examples, the interplay between intelligence collection and budget.
3) List and explain by providing specific examples and the strengthens and benefits, each of the 5 collection disciplines.
4) What are the most important characteristics of a person when training an intel analysis?
5) What are some common problems that the analyst’s mindset must try to avoid? Explain each.
6) What is the issue of politicized intelligence and why is it problematic? What are some recent examples?
7) What is the role of encryption on the internet?
8) What is TOR, how is it used, and what it is benefits and costs?
9) What is malware, how does it work, and how does it spread?
10) What are APTs and what are defensive mechanisms against them?
11) What is the dark web? What are the good and bad things that utilize it?
12) Describe the similarities and differences between cyber espionage, cybercrime, cyber disuption, and Cyberattack.
13) What is preferred, greater internet security at the cost of internet freedom, or greater internet freedom at the cost of security? Explain.
News Assignment (50 pts)
Read relevant news articles from reputable sources that address the Solar Winds cyberattack and the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.
1) What were the similarities and differences in methods used to attached each company?
2) Who is largely believed to behind each of these attacks?
3) What are the costs to the company and the US as a result of these attacks?
4) How could each of these companies protected themselves from these attacks?
5) What role do you think the government should play in protecting companies, and individuals, from cyber attacks?
6) What are the costs and benefits of such government interaction?
7) Politically, how would Republicans and Democrats view such governmental action?
Internet Assignment (25 pts)
GEOINT data collection assignment. Read the story below and find the following targets using Google or Apple Satellite imagery, and post the images to your .doc file for your module assignment, in order with correct labels. Some background investigation may be needed.
A suspected double-agent boarded a flight from SRQ to PEK.. He is suspected of carrying US naval secrets via the North Beijing Railway station on a high speed train to a Chinese naval base on Hainan island in the city of Sanya. He was last seen at the Birdnest in Beijing, but made a known drop on the Farris Wheel located in Tainjin on the 5th Ma Road Bridge, after which he went to the TV tower in Tianjin and changed clothes. A US asset in Tianjin on alert of his presences, spotted the suspect boarding the Kiev Aircraft Carrier in Tianjin’s port.
1. SRQ
2. PEK
3. BJ North Station
4. Hainan Island
5. Naval base at Sanya
6. Bird’s Nest
7. Farris Wheel on Bridge in Tianjin
8. Tianjin TV Tower
9. Kiev