The Gulf News,

Assignment Instructions:
Objective: The purpose of this project is to (1) encourage you to see economics at work all around you in your daily life, and (2) sharpen your analytical skills in applying economic theory to real-world events.
Task: Read The Gulf News, The National, popular newspapers and magazines from other countries,, scan the internet and look for news events where you can see the principles and concepts we study in class playing out in business. Collect these articles or news events, and for each one explain how it is possible to see economic forces at work in the story. I am NOT looking for academic articles that explain economics. I am looking for articles that do not even mention economics, but that you can recognize the economics in the article because of what you have learned in the course. These articles must be published after July/2020
Grading: Each student is required to explain a certain number of concepts to be considered for a grade. After reaching the minimum number of concepts, the project will be graded for content, grammar and spelling, neat and professional presentation, timeliness in turning it in.
You do not have a “number of articles” requirement; you have a “number of concepts explained” requirement. Every student must explain 5 concepts. There is a list of possible concepts on the reverse side.
Please make sure the article is not an academic article that explains economics, but an article that doesnt mention economic but you recognize the economics in the article based on the 10 principles of economics.