The great man theory

A 3-5 page paper examining two theories of your choice to analyze the similarities and differences in the two theories (cover pages are not needed and bibliography pages do not count toward the total).
You can two from any of those theories: The great man theory, the trait theory, the behavioral theory, the transactional theory, the transformational theory, the situational theory
As you will find, many theories seem similar at first glance, but there are differences in how they were developed and how they are practiced. You should demonstrate a solid understanding of these two theories and be able to analytically process the connections or crossovers between the two. You should also note the specific differences. Finally, you need to provide a rationale as to why these theories matter and how they might be applied. Support your thoughts with course concepts, terminology, and outside research.
In your paper, you should:
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of two different leadership theories
Draw connections between the two theories
Explain differences between the two theories
Be able to explain at least one situation in how these theories could be applied
Papers need to follow standard academic writing expectations (double-spaced, 11-12 point font, proper grammatical structures). You should include at minimum 3 different academic quality references (the only one can be the textbook) to support your ideas and cite them appropriately using an academic format such as APA or MLA. You must include a bibliography at the end of the paper, in addition to your in-text citations. Your paper must include an introduction and a conclusion.