The Great Hack

You may watch the documentary The Great Hack (available on Netflix) and answer the following questions:
– How has your opinion of big data and its usage changed since viewing the documentary? List all the ways.
– What do you think is the greatest challenge regarding a future with big data?
– Will you change your behavior as a result of watching The Great Hack?
Please be specific and thoroughly explain your answers.
Depth and complexity of ideas supported by rich, engaging and/or pertinent details; evidence analysis, reflection and insight. Addresses three questions.
Organization is clear and helps the reader understand the respondent’s point of view. Transitions connect concepts and guide the reader. Contains an effective introduction and conclusion.
Through a combination of logic, examples, and illustrative language, response persuasively supports its conclusions. Arguments are logically sound. Facts cited are relevant and effectively support the author’s point of view. Includes at least one (1) outside reference to support and elucidate the argument. Conclusions are clear and precise.