The Four Seasons Hotel & Tower in Miam

Please type your essay using correct grammar and sentence structure. You MUST use proper paraphrasing/summarization, in-text citations, and have a full reference for each article you use in either APA or numerical format. Construct one reference page for the essay*
Only two sentences of directly quoted material are allowed per essay
Please re-state your issue and side. Clearly and concisely state TWO major arguments for your side of your issue. Explain how each argument persuades a person to agree with your side and explain how your articles support your arguments. Include TWO references (articles) (different from your partner and different from what you used for exam 1) that support your arguments. Include the correct web link to each article at the end of your full reference page. The body of your essay should include a minimum of 400 specific, meaningful words.
3-4 arguments per person (or per “side”) required.
What are the “best” reasons to choose (or agree with) your side? Persuade your audience to agree with you. Entice your audience to engage and talk with you.
-Most evidence: Your evidence should have a biological focus.
-Most persuasive: How you structure an argument can make it stronger?
Ex. The Four Seasons Hotel & Tower in Miami is tall vs. The Four
Seasons Hotel & Tower in Miami is the tallest building in Florida.
*Work as an individual or with your partner to develop arguments.
Development starts with researching your topic and reading several articles to get a sense of the rationale to choose your “side”
Ex. Should professional athletes take performance enhancing drugs? NO
Argument 1: It is currently illegal.
Argument 2: PEDs can have severe negative health consequences. 75% of male users develop testicular cancer.