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The film being analyzed for this essay is “The Midnight Sky” with George Clooney. The paper should contain a research question, hypotheses, a methodology, a literature review, and a Cited Works (at least two academic papers from our course). I have attached the two papers that need to be referenced in this essay. Aside from analyzing the film, this is also a requirement for the essay: This semester’s essay’s theme is film genres and political intent. Which film type (fiction or documentary) is better to discuss or inform about a political issue? Which film genre (drama, action, comedy, etc.) is more “political”? How efficient is a specific genre to deliver a political message? Choose yours and explore its potential. Analyze your chosen film addressing the film’s genre, themes, political content/intent, and technical qualities (camerawork and mise-en-scene) and the below questions. How efficient your chosen film’s genre is in carrying a political message? Also, What does politics have to do with it (story, place, production, characters, etc.)? What kind of political discourse or message does the film embed/present? This component must be present in the essay. The genre of this movie is Science Fiction To summarize, you must choose a topic based on the film and its common themes and write the essay about that. You must also address how the film is carrying a political message and how all science fiction movies in genre can carry a political message and overall theme. Elaborate on the importance of the topic you choose to speak about. In addition, the essay must also have a reference to EITHER the document “Definitions of Genre” OR “Dimensions of Genre”. I have attached both of these documents so you can choose which one you want to include in the essay. In addition, any other additional references that you choose to make cannot be from any articles, newspaper, or website… THEY MUST BE ACADEMIC SOURCES The structure of the essay should be: I. Introduction II. Development (comprehending subject’s historical background, literature review, analysis, and findings: create two more subheadings according to your theme) III. Conclusion IV. Works Cited The essay must be analytical rather than descriptive and must be organized around a clear argument (thesis statement) addressing the assignment. The discussion must be presented in the context of the issues and concepts discussed in the course (your chosen topic is, in fact, your main political theme). I HAVE ATTACHED A SAMPLE ESSAY FOR REFERENCE AND HELP. Just to clarify all the documents that I have attached: 2 of the academic articles that must be referenced in the essay to relate and explain the topic 2 PDF articles – MUST CHOOSE 1 to discuss in the essay 1 SAMPLE ESSAY. REMINDER THAT THE MOVIE BEING DISCUSSED IS “THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020)”


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