the different types of annuities: ordinary and annuity

MT217M3-3: Apply the Time Value of Money (TVM) concept to business decisions.
In this competency assessment, you will identify the different types of annuities: ordinary and annuity due, and analyze how given changes to basic TVM functions, FV and PV of a stream of payments, and EIR concepts influence outcomes.
You will complete your assessment in the Pearson platform, which you can access through the link provided in this module.
Before beginning this assessment, it is highly recommended that you complete the assigned readings, learning activity, and lab practice.
Review the Competency Assessment Rubric to find out how you will be assessed.
Please note the following when completing the competency assessment:
You are allowed unlimited attempts to successfully complete the questions in the Pearson MyFinance Lab.
Each attempt must be completed in one sitting. You do not have the option to save and come back to finish.
As you complete each question, the lab will provide you with automated feedback; however, this part of the assessment will be manually scored by your instructor.
If you need assistance with the lab, please contact your instructor.