the 200’0’s are the worst decade since the 1980’s

A US senator recently gave a speech where she/he made the claim that “the 200’0’s are the worst decade since the 1980’s.” You are the fact-checker for an economic research firm and your boss has asked you to check the veracity of this claim and he wants you to support your findings with data. Your task is to write a memorandum to your boss providing your best arguments as to whether or not the Senator’s claim is backed by the data.
Start by collecting the data for each year since the 1980 on three of the most important macroeconomic indicators:
US real GDP growth rate,
US inflation rate, and
US unemployment rate.
Put the data in a table, and create a chart to illustrate each variable graphically. Be sure to report the sources of your data in enough detail so that I can easily find them. For each variable, your citation should include the title of the source, the page(s), and the table(s) from which your information was obtained. The next step is to analyze the data: Think of a good way to describe the growth rate of real GDP in each decade. Next, compare the growth rates across the decades. Do the same analysis for the inflation and unemployment rates. What conclusions can you draw about the macroeconomic performance of the economy during the 2000s compared with its performance in the 1980s and the 1990s? Do those conclusions support or reject the Senator’s claim? What evidence leads you to those conclusions?
Upload your completed report to Canvas. Refer to the syllabus for instructions on how to upload documents to Canvas.
Your finished work should meet the following criteria:
Use Times New Roman or Ariel font, size 12
2 – 3 pages, double spaced
It must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format (if you used Google docs to write your paper, be sure to transform it into one of these two before final submission).
Include a reference section clearly describing the sources of the data and any other material you used in your work.
Your graphs/charts must be included in an “Appendix” section after the references.
Include/attach graphs/charts of the data you used to support your argument. These do not count in the page limit.
characterize a data sample in a reasonable way using summary statistics including the mean, minimum and maximum values, or trends. Your table should be formatted as shown below.