Teaching the Virtues.

First take the Sommers’ analysis quiz at the Quizzes tab. Working through this quiz will help you dig into the Sommers’ article and understand it better. Then, in 850 words, you will interact with Christina Hoff Sommers’ article Teaching the Virtues. This essay is to have two sections to it. Section I (50% of word count) will be your paraphrased summary of her article. Section II (50% of word count) will be your personal interaction with some of Sommers ideas that you specifically mentioned in your Part 1 paraphrase.
Section I: Your summary should be able to trace out her argument with its important twists and turns (around 425 words). Your summary should be linear; meaning that it should proceed in roughly the same order as Sommers presents it and mention the most salient points. You want to convince me that you understood the article by being able to summarize it completely in your own words. Please note: A detailed philosophy argument takes time to follow and outline. Do not be discouraged if the first read requires some concentration. Let your thoughts simmer and come back to it again. The more time you spend on outlining her reasoning, the clearer things will become and you will be encouraged. This is a paraphrase in your own words where you convince me that you understand Sommers’ argument. No citations allowed. : )
Section II: The last half of your Mini essay is to be devoted to your personal interaction (around 425 words). Here you will give your personal opinions about Sommers overall argument and ideas. With your best thinking, take on her ideas and tell me what you think about them. What did you agree with, disagree with in terms of her reasoning, etc……? Also, you must interact with her comments concerning moral relativism here as this was an important idea in her overall argument. Did you agree with her about the influence of moral relativism on students today or not?