Swiss Army products,

Here are the instructions of this PowerPoint:
Similar to LEGO, Swiss Army products, especially their knives, are known throughout the world as a leader in multi-functional handheld tools. Each tool comes with a minimum of a large or medium blade, can opener, and a basic combo tool which has a bottle opener and slotted screwdriver. There are dozens of different tools that can be included in a Swiss Army knife that are designed for a single purpose or combines multiple tools into one object.
Your task, create a PowerPoint presentation that showcases your ideas for a new Swiss Army knife or multi-tool that may or may not utilize some of the existing tool, but also proposes new components to be designed and added. You must first define who your target audience is and why they might need your product. Then show a combination of sketches and internet images to illustrate what tools you propose to use.
This project brings us back to the essence of the Design Process: 1-Define the problem, 2-Collect information, 3-Brainstorm ideas, 4-Develop solutions/build a model, 5-Present your ideas to others for feedback, 6-Improve your design.
I also attached a PowerPoint made by one of my classmates. You can refer to his on making the PowerPoint. I think he got a pretty good grade on the PowerPoint.
Please contact me if you have any questions, and I really need this to be worked on ASAP.