Summarize the different assumptions on human beings

Using between 300-500 words, answer the following prompts. Answers are as discussed in the Farganis reader; however, do not block quote the textbook. Answer the prompts using your own interpretation and explanation of the textbook readings. Make sure to include the word count at the end of the journal post.
1. Summarize the different assumptions on human beings that Durkheim and Marx had. How did their different moral views contribute to their respective (and differing) prescriptions for problems of capitalist societies?
2. How did Marx and Durkheim view inequality?
3. What are the legacies of the classic traditions?
4. Within the contemporary sociological theory tradition as exemplified by Parsons and Davis & Moore, what are the concerns of functional theorists? How does this differ from the concerns of modern day conflict theorists like Dahrendorf and C. Wright Mills?