Political Science

structure and activities of a super PAC

This assignment is aimed at getting you to look more closely at the structure and activities of a super PAC. From the link below choose one super PAC to examine more closely. Look up the super PACs’ homepage (this can be done by using the super PACs’ name in a search engine, unfortunately Open Secrets does not provide links to super PAC homepages). There is a long list of super PACs that report having raised no money, avoid using those for this assignment. Using the information you find online answer the following questions using one or two paragraphs. 350-450 words.
What is the name of the super PAC you examined?
What is the political stance of the super PAC (liberal, conservative)? Is it associated with a political party?
What sort of activities does it undertake (endorse candidates, run ads, educate voters, etc.)?
Does the super PAC boast about the impact it has had? Does it take credit for helping candidates win or causing candidates to lose?
In your opinion, do these activities appear to have a positive or negative impact on campaigns? Are super PACs citizens freely expressing their opinions or are they special interests out elect a candidate that will benefit them?