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Strategic planning is the process of identifying long-term organizational goals, strategies, and resources.

System Planning: Project Charter
Critically observes surroundings to recognize the opportunity.
Explores multiple solution paths.
Gathers data to support and refute ideas.
Applies technical skills/knowledge to the development of a technology/product.
Focuses on understanding the value proposition of a discovery.
Articulates the idea to diverse audiences.
Identifies and works with individuals with complementary skill sets, expertise, etc.
Strategic planning is the process of identifying long-term organizational goals, strategies, and resources. A strategic plan looks beyond day-to-day activities. An organization’s strategic goals are supported by Information Technology (IT). Business Departments will create a Business Case to justify their projects. The IT Department will use the Business Case to start the System Development Life Cycle by creating a Project Charter.
There are many development methods for developing information systems. The range is from Structured Analysis (Waterfall) to Agile methods (SCRUM). IT experts agree that no single development method is best in all cases. Structured Analysis is based on an overall plan, so it is called a predictive approach (example: a construction company uses a blueprint for constructing a building). Agile methods develop a system incrementally by building a series of prototypes and constantly adjusting them to user requirements.
Regardless of the development method, people, tasks, timetables, and costs must be managed effectively. Complex projects can involve dozens of people, hundreds of tasks, and many thousands of dollars. Project management is the process of planning, scheduling, monitoring, controlling, and reporting upon the development of an information system.
Developing a project charter involves assessing the project feasibility basis of the given constraints and planning the project at a high level. An official sign-off/approval allows allocation of money and resources and thus supplements the development of a detailed project plan. The project charter is a project initiation tool that defines high-level objectives, scope, risks, assumptions, constraints, and requirements with a view of checking the feasibility of the project by meeting the important stakeholders.
Project Charter Items
Project Concept: Describe the business that will be using your product/technology solution. Your technology solution will have a user interface, application, database components that will use network/infrastructure, and security.
Problem or Market Opportunity Statement: stated in one sentence that describes the problem/opportunity that is being addressed.
Technology Solution: Describe the technology solution. Explaining what will be covered and not covered by the project to solve the problem statement.
Project Benefits: Focus on the value proposition of the technology solution. List in bullet format the benefits of the technology solution by describing ‘what success looks like’ (when your product does this then it is successful). The benefits are quantifiable. Example: Reducing turnaround of fulfilling customer requests from 48 hours to 24 hours.
Stakeholders: Who are the stakeholders? Explain why the technology solution adds value to different stakeholders? Classify the value in terms of technological, societal, financial, environment).
High-Level timeline: Stating major dates for the whole project. Can be done in a bullet list by Phases and dates. You will be doing Waterfall in IFT401 then Agile in IFT402, therefore the timeline is required to reflect the development cycles.
Development Process: Explain which System Development Life Cycle that you will use and Why it be the best choice for your project.
Technology Tools: State the technology tools that will be used to develop and implement the project scope/technology solution? State the value and the reason for your choices.
Current Solutions: What is currently out there on the market to solve the problem/opportunity? What the difference between your technology solution and the current solutions. If your technology solution is unique, then state the reason why it is unique and what comes close to your scope.
You are the Project Manager for an Engineering Development team. Create a Project Charter with all the items stated below.
Create a Word document that has all the Project Charter items.
Required to use the System Planning- Project Charter template: Systems Planning Charter Template.docx
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Companies provide templates, the words that are in blue are helpful reminders. You delete the blue words.
Make sure you update the Table of Contents to ensure that your subheadings are updated into the Table of Contents (Table of Contents is a feature in Word, make sure you learn how it works).
APA Mechanics are required:
Provide Title Page
Provide a Table of Contents that uses the sub-headings (there is a Table of Contents feature in Word).
Provide a minimum of 4 References with corresponding citations. Remember you are required to support your statements with a reference/source.
Follow APA formatting: 12 points, Time Roman, words in black, sub-headings.