Strategic Family Therapy

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DISCUSSION: While the role of the therapist is quite similar in both Structural and Strategic Family Therapy, as you can see by this week’s readings, there are fundamental differences between the two. Strategic Family Therapy has a great depth and emphasis is placed more on the communication aspect of the symptoms.
Thinking of what you have learned so far, how could you implement aspects of Strategic Family Therapy in this current case?
Strategic Family Therapy Hypothetical Case:The case of Henry Hines-42- year-old male-Married to Margaret Hines –15 years-Three children –Lucy (14), Collette (11), and James (8)-Employed as a general manager at the local hardware store-No known medical conditions-Chief Complaint: Marital discord with Margaret after she found evidence of pornography on their home computer six weeks ago. Henry claim she has felt disconnected from his wife for several months(no physical intimacy in at least 4 months) so he turned to pornography as a way to cope. He feels the marital discord can be felt by his children as he says that his oldest daughter will barely speak to him. Margaret claims she feels the pornography is grounds for infidelity and therefore has no desire to be physically intimate with Henry and does not know how to overcome feeling betrayed. Henry admits that although he does view pornography, he has never stepped outside the marriage with another woman.They are seeking counseling “to work on the brokenness of their marriage” as stated by Henry.
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