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Step 1: Attend the function, watching for things that will help you write your paper. You may also want to ask questions of an informant (e.g., what did that mean? Why did they do that?) or to look up information in books or on the Internet. Make sure you either take good notes or tape record any interview and consider discretely taking notes at the function, if it is permitted.
Please keep in mind, never make a tape recording without the permission of the person you are speaking with and do not record the function without the permission of the person in charge. If you asked for permission to attend the function (versus tagging along with a friend), sending a note of appreciation afterwards is a nice gesture. In general, while you are attending the function you should do as they do. For example, if they stand, so should you. If they are all wearing head coverings and the coverings are provided, you should wear one too. If you are unsure, ask.
Keep all of your field notes. The instructor reserves the right to ask you to turn them in if he has some questions about your work. The instructor may also want to discuss your project with you.
Do not wait until the last minute. Fieldwork often does not go as planned; allow yourself time for unforeseen difficulties. This is not an assignment that can be written at the last minute – why I have put it earlier rather than later in Part 2.
Step 2: Use your field notes on the function, and your notes from any interviews, reading or Internet material, if any, to write your response. Organize your response as follows:
I. Introduction to the function – what, why, when, how?
b. Please be sure to Identify the time and place where you observed the function.
II. Discuss specific topics about the function you observed.
a. What kind of social entity are you dealing with? Explain how its fits our definitions.
b. Describe the setting: the building, auditorium, sanctuary, and so forth.
c. How many people participated? How did they speak/behave similarly or differently? Give specific examples.
g. Discuss how your function fits into the Ahearn’s Chapter 5 topics (some – no need to address all – of the prompts identified above).
In addition, throughout the course of your response I require that you use 10 terms. These terms can be used in any way you choose, but they must be from either the Ahearn chapter or the Conklin workbook chapter. The terms must be both defined – explained with an example specific to your fieldwork or life experience – and in bold font. Less than 10 terms will result in a diminished grade.
If you use information from an outside source (i.e., it is not directly based on your observations), please be sure to cite your source and include a bibliographic reference at the end. I am not particular as to format of the reference, and care more that you have included the reference.


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