Solving a Business Problem

Solving a Business Problem
The purpose of this assignment is to solve the business problem you finalized and use the research you began in Unit 7.
For this assignment, you will:
Complete research on the business problem you finalized in the Unit 7 assignment.
Identify alternative solutions to the problem.
Use critical thinking to select, explain, and justify the solution you think would be best for RPZ Marketing.
Finalize the research you conducted. Use what you have learned to write a five-page research paper using the following outline.
Title page.
Introduction: Problem Statement for RPZ Marketing.
Identify a business problem that poses obstacles to the success of RPZ Marketing.
Importance of Problem to RPZ Marketing.
Explain why this problem is important to RPZ Marketing.
Benefits to RPZ of Solving the Problem.
Describe the benefits RPZ Marketing would experience if the problem is solved.
Alternative Solutions for the Problem.
From your research, identify two to three alternative solutions to the problem. Cite your sources.
Evaluation of Alternative Solutions for RPZ Marketing.
Evaluate the potential solutions, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each solution for RPZ Marketing.
Describe the solution you recommend as best for RPZ Marketing and the reasons for your decision.