Socializing and promoting ethnic identity

Students will complete a 5-7 page paper, in APA format, on a psychological aspect of the parent-child relationship. There is a list of possible topics in Blackboard, but students are free to choose their own topic as well, as long as it is appropriate
for this course. The paper will require you to apply theoretical information and research findings on your chosen topic. The paper should include a title page and a references page, in addition to the 5-7 full pages of written text. The paper must include information from at least five references from peer-reviewed journal articles published in the last 10 years, and references should be cited in APA format.
Possible topics
Attachment, harmonious relations, and communication between parent and child
Socializing gender roles
Socializing and promoting ethnic identity
Roles of mothers and fathers
Parenting styles
Promoting emotional regulation and self–control
Promoting learning
Discipline, including strengthening positive behaviors and weakening undesirable behaviors
Managing conflict
Promoting compassion, kindness, and morality
Enhancing self–confidence
Promoting increased responsibility, independence, and autonomy
You may choose to focus on infancy, childhood, adolescence, or adult children, or a combination of all or some of these.