Social Structures and constructs of Gender

Write an essay that provides one cohesive, well-organized discussion that answers the following questions:
•Choose 1-2 ideas, themes, and/or concepts most relevant or interesting to you.
•Briefly, in 350-500 words, discuss how these topics, concepts, and ideas strengthened, intensified, and/or muddiedyourown understanding of yourself, or provided you with new insights or thoughts on how theself and society are connected. In other words, you may choose to focus on your own understanding of yourself and its connection to society, OR, you can discuss the relationship between self and society more broadly (not needing to make it so personal if you so choose).
•In short, the goal of this essay is for you to discuss what you learned from these ideas, concepts, themes, and briefly discuss why they might be applicable beyond the confines of this class.
Topics to Choose from:
-Double-consciousness of Black Americans as theorized by W.E.B. DuBois
-Socialization through schemas
-Sociological Discrimination
-Stereotype Threats
-Social Structures and constructs of Gender
-Race and Identity
-Media and the self
-Sociological structure of Capitalism and Consumption
-Discipline and Punishment: Foucault. Sociological Conformity, Authority and Obdience