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Research paper for nursing school.. Thesis I sent Obesity in children and adolescents has gotten worse in the last five years, due to poor diet and lack of activity increasing chances of health issues. Outline due March 29, 2021 Draft due April 1, 2021 Final due April 5,2021 APA Research Paper: The APA research paper must follow the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association. Your course text book and the web ( contain model papers/examples that adhere to APA standards and can be utilized as guides when writing this paper. This syllabus is intended as a guide and is subject to change as needed. The research paper should focus on a current trend, event or issues occurring in your field of study. The APA research paper will be graded pursuant to the guidelines set forth in the attached grading matrix. Students are expected to understand these guidelines and ensure that their assignments incorporate them. The research paper involves three major activities: Choosing a Topic: Choose a topic for your research paper that is focused and about which you can ask a specific research question. Avoid encyclopedia-style reports on a general topic; such broad topics can become overwhelming and do not allow for purposeful research. For example, choosing for your topic a condition such as “diabetes” or “autism,” a setting such as “airports,” or an issue such as “ethics” will likely make for a shallow paper. Instead, ask a focused question about your topic. Then generate your thesis in answer to this question. Outlining for APA Research Paper: You must submit a detailed outline of your research paper. Outlines may be in one of several formats, as directed by your instructor, but all outlines must include the following: (i) a separate outline point for each paragraph, (ii) a point for your introduction that includes your thesis statement, (iii) at least three (3) body paragraph points, each with at least two subpoints illustrating the paragraph’s topic, and (iv) a point for a concluding paragraph. Your outline should be single spaced and no shorter than a full page. Your textbook has several examples of outlines that follow these guidelines. Writing the APA Research Paper: The paper should be between five and seven pages in length (not including cover page, abstract, references, exhibits, etc.) and incorporate a minimum of seven (7) references. The paper must be written and presented in APA style (including, margins, citations, headings, etc.). You will be responsible for submitting a rough draft, the final paper and presenting your findings to the class


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