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Research Method Paper (30 points)
This assignment builds on Assignment 1 and guides you through the process of describing how you will conduct a study of the research topic formulated in Assignment 1. The paper should not exceed seven double-spaced, typed pages, excluding the list of references and appendices
A. Instrument(s) and Techniques for Measurement (8 points)
In this first section, locate (e.g. an existing questionnaire, test, interview format) or develop the measurement procedure(s) you will use to collect data about the variables defined operationally in Assignment 1. If you are planning to use an existing instrument, attach a copy as Appendix A, and describe the instrument in this section. Indicate how validity and reliability were assessed and what the results were. Justify the use of the instrument in the study.
If you plan to develop your own instrument, describe what the instrument should accomplish and develop 5-10 sample questions or items that will be included in the instrument. Describe also your plan for assessing the instrument’s reliability and validity.
B. Target Population and Sampling Approach (8 points)
In this section, identify your target population (i.e., the group to whom the study’s results are expected to apply). Explain in detail how you will draw your sample from this population. Provide enough detail to allow someone reading this paper to implement the approach. In this section, you should address such issues as:
1. Probability versus non-probability sampling approach
2. Size of sample
3. Detailed description of sampling process
C. Design for the Collection of Data Procedure (8 points)
In this section, you should provide a detailed description of the data collection procedure you will use (e.g. survey, observation, existing data). Justify the use of the selected strategy. Summarize the key features of your overall research design. Identify 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses of your study. Discussion of weaknesses should include consideration of threats to internal and external validity.
D. Consideration of Ethical Safeguards and Diversity Issues (6 points)
In this section, identify the ethical and diversity issues posed by your research project. Describe how you would obtain authorization for the project from a “Research Ethics” Review Board. Clearly indicate how your research process will include safeguards that insure the safety and well being of all participants. Also, discuss briefly how your proposal is sensitive to the concerns and perspectives of the cultural or social membership groups that you intend to study.


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