Regulatory Requirements for Safe Non-Opioid and Opioid Prescribing

Assignment Prompt
Regulatory Requirements for Safe Non-Opioid
and Opioid Prescribing Paper.
The APRN must be knowledgeable of their
state’s regulatory laws as it pertains to prescribing non-scheduled and
scheduled medications across the lifespan. (Resource: Link for State
Review state regulations for APRN
prescribers in the state in which you live or the state where you plan to be
certified. Review the CDC Interactive Training Series for Healthcare Providers
in Module 1 and Module 4
1. Summarize which agency/agencies
regulate/oversee APRN prescribing in your state.
2. Summarize the educational requirements
for prescribing as an APRN.
3. Differentiate the regulations in your
current state and state(s) you are considering practicing in or a neighboring
4. Create an outline of the actions
required to prescribe in your identified state.
5. Summarize the Controlled Substances
regulations in your state and the process for obtaining your DEA registration.
6. Summarize the main concepts for CDC
Module 1 and Module 4.
7. Conclude the paper describing your
plan for implementing safe prescribing practices as an APRN addressing your
state’s regulations and the CDC Opioid guidelines.
8. Use APA format for your write up
and cite any resources/evidence that you have utilized. The paper is to be
2500-4500 words, excluding title page and references.