Reflect on your own sexual attitude and explain how these attitudes influence your own romantic relationships

Journal entry is to each be one page..
Journal entry one: Earlier in the module, you completed the
Sexual Attitudes Scale. Reflect on your own sexual attitude and explain
how these attitudes influence your own romantic relationships. Why
might communication also be important to sexual aspect of the
Journal entry 2:
are six relationship maintenance strategies that we can use to help
maintain the quality of our relationship (Hendrick, 2005). These
strategies include the following:
Assurances: expression of commitment, faithfulness, & love
Network: social network involvement
Openness: disclosure & other communication
Positivity: displaying a positive attitude
Tasks: sharing daily/household chores
Minding: caretaking, staying close, renewin attachments, attending to partner (like a combination of all; or “love in action”) Identify relationship maintenance strategies that are important to your romantic relationship.
Journal entry 3: reflect on the conflict strategies that
you typically use. How do these conflict styles affect other aspects of
your romantic relationship?
Journal entry 4:
Part 1: Breakups:
the first journal entry this week, please apply the stages of breakup
and relationship dissolution to a past relationship experience. Provide
examples of how these stages applied in your own relationship.
Part 2: Bereavement:
on a bereavement experience. This loss can be a break-up, divorce,
loss of a friendship, or death. Think about how you felt when you
experienced the loss. Where were you? What would you tell the person
today? You may write this as a regular journal entry or as a letter.
Consider how you coped with this loss in your response.
Journal entry 5:
Reflect on your experiences with diverse relationships and how your attitudes regarding them been shaped over time.
include a final journal entry in which you reflect on the process of
writing this journal this term (e.g., what have you learned about your
romantic relationships?).