Race Relations, Then and Now

Topic: Race Relations, Then and Now
For this assignment, you are to write a 5-page paper on a specific race-related topic of your choice. With that topic, you are to compare and contrast what was true in some earlier period of US history and what has been true “recently” (you choose the time period). Examples of broad topics are: family life/family formation; education; work and /or occupation; residential life; US laws and policies; religious life; political life/institutions; and health and social welfare, to name a few of many options.
It is acceptable for your topic to lean more so towards ethnicity or culture, given how closely tied to race these are. Just be sure to acknowledge that somehow in your writing.
Term Paper 50 points
Referencing/citing of relevant literature 5
Quality of writing 15
Presentation, follow-through & evidence supporting thesis/argument 15
Incorporation of course concepts and literature 5