Public Health Issue related to Addiction

Read instructions carefully!
Due Saturday June 12.
Research Report on a Public Health Issue related to Addiction
This topic driven 5 paragraph write up is similar to your “In the News” except that you will find and utilize at least 3 reputable sources. The NIH provides a tutorial if needed: (Links to an external site.)
Articles must be published between 2018 or 2021 (at least one of them within the past year)
To dig a little deeper into a specific Public Health Issue related to addiction while we recognize the negative impact that addictions have on our personal health and the health of our nation.
Pick your topic and start brainstorming on your points of interest…then dig in and start researching.
Topic ideas
Prescription drugs (Xanax, Oxy-Contin, Vicodin, Adderall…)
Methamphetamine, Heroin, PCP, LSD, Ketamine, psylocybin,
Miscellaneous-pornography, gambling, technology, designer drugs, shopping, tobacco, vape, ?
Assignments will be composed in MLA format with an introductory page, 5 paragraphs and a Works Cited page.
#1 Paragraph introducing your topic and your main points of discussion. (DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!)
#2-4 Paragraphs discuss the identified impact and your perception of the impact this substance or behavior will have on society as a whole. Defend your position using in-text citations.
#5 Closing paragraph-wrap it up
Provide a correctly sited Works Cited page with at least 3 sources. This is your chance to use a number of articles and show me that you have learned how to correctly format your Works Cited using MLA format (***Remember to alphabetize by author’s last name.).
Submission: All assignments must be submitted in MLA format with a correctly sited Works Cited page to be included immediately following the report in Times New Roman, 12 font, but it does not need to be double spaced.
Unless you are an MLA format wiz, there is a web site, Citation Machine (Links to an external site.) , which could be used to site your source. But be sure that all of the required components are included (e.g. author, date published, source, web address etc).
An example of a correctly sited source:
Ringold, Sarah. “Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.” JAMA, American Medical Association, 3 May 2006, Accessed 9 May 2021.