PTSD experiences related to online video conferencing therapy.

This is a dissertation task will need 40 to 45 pages of in-person interview data ( Chapter 4 Data Results). All I need the data from the in-person interviews. I will complete the rest of the Chapter 4 content. This is a qualitative phenomenological inquiry therefore, the interviews must be in-person and audio recorded. The study involves interviewing 20 veterans diagnosed with PTSD experiences related to online video conferencing therapy. The veterans must be a United States citzen, 18 years of age or older, diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and had experienced online video conferencing therapy. The veteran must have served in Iraq or Afghanistan’s combat zones. The veteran also must have no affiliation with active duty military service, Veterans Affairs Office or reserve military service. The best places to go to obtain the data from veterans will be the local American Legion Post, AmVets or VFW posts. In addition, you will need be fimiliar with using NVivo, taking fiedl notes, and using an audio recorder. Can you please email me the audio recording of the veterans’ interviews and send me the NVivo data as well. I have 6 themes that will help you code and organize the study’s data. Please also clearly explain what was found during the data analysis and collection process keep in mind this is the Chapter 4 data results for a dissertation study. I will attach the 6 study themes and interview and follow-up questions to attain the data from the 20 veterans. In conclusion I will need an APA Table for the participants that describe demographics such Participant # 1,2,3 etc. participant number, gender, age, race, service branch, “state “KY”, education, and combat zone.