Psychopathology, Marital/Family Dynamics

We are reading the book Psychological Science 6th Edition by Michael S. Gazzaniga for my Psychology Class.
Assignment: Watch the movie and write a paper about the psychological topics highlighted in the movie and the extent to which the portrayal of psychological concepts is consistent with information from the textbook (book listed above). If you need to me scan the book file, let me know.
The Quiet Room
Genre: Drama Year: 1996 Rating: PG
Actors: Celine O’Leary, Paul Blackwell, Chloe Ferguson
Topics: Psychopathology, Marital/Family Dynamics
Australian film about a troubled 7-year-old girl who becomes mute in reaction to her divorcing parents’ fighting. The film is from inside the girl’s mind, as we hear her thoughts and comments on what is happening around her.