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PRESENTATION ASSESSMENT 2 INSTRUCTIONS In the Reading & Study folder, watch Presentation: Tim Goeglein – Part 1 and Presentation: Tim Goeglein – Part 2. Answer the following questions based on his message. This presentation was recorded live on campus in 2013. The best strategy is to watch the entire presentation first, then answer the questions as you listen to them a second time. It will be helpful to review the content of The Constitutional Christian from Module 1. Using the information in the presentations, and current issues in America today, you will write a 2 ½ to 3 page essay in current APA format. Your essay will have an introduction, conclusion, and level headings. It will include a title page, a reference page, at least one additional source not more than six months old, and at least three biblical references. The additional source should be a news article, a journal article, a recent court case, or similar current event. Note the author and date of publication. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Do not simply write parts of Goeglein’s presentation verbatim. You will submit your essay through Safe Assign. As a reminder, collaborating with other students on this assignment or borrowing answers from other students’ work is considered plagiarism and will be treated as such. 1. According to Tim Goeglein, what was President Reagan’s outlook on America? How would you compare Reagan’s outlook with that of President Trump? Explain. Talk about the Christian faith in politics and not hiding it 2. Tim Goeglein discusses three major attacks on the Christian foundations of America. What are these major attacks? Provide at least one biblical reference, with the complete text of the verse, applicable to each attack. Name a Supreme Court decision which legitimized the attack and when it was it rendered. Talk about the insitition of marriage How the God says it between man and woman not man and man or woman and woman 3. Select one of the attacks on the Christian foundations of our nation discussed in Question 2 and go into further detail: discuss which commandment or constitutional principle the attack violates, the basis for the case before the court, and the recourse you have as a citizen. The attacks on Christianity in America continue to this day. Reflect on current events and discuss a recent attack in this area and the outcome. Talk about human life and abortion and the religious aspect 4. At the conclusion of his presentation, Tim Goeglein discusses the job of the Christian in light of these attacks. What can you as a Christian can do to help others understand how to change our culture to glorify God? Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2.


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