Preimplantation Genetic Selection Vs Natural Selection

I have attached several files.
There 9 files attached.
There are 6 PDFs.
The PDF labelled: ” Preimplantation Genetic Selection Vs Natural Selection ” is a reference paper
used to refer to when creating an appendix using Ross’s Deontology as a justification.
This paper will require 5 pages max. This does not include a title page, work cited/reference and appendix.
The other 5 PDFs are sources that could be used. Please refer to the document labelled:
Case Study Requirements for information on sources.
The other 3 doc files are as labelled:
One is module notes which are not part of the 3 external sources required.
Module notes are internal sources.
In-Text Citation instructions will be found in the document.
The other file is grading outline for the assignment
The last word document labelled “Case Study Requirements” has the case study, the guidelines, outlines
and what I want to write it on and further additional information.
Please review all the word documents and refer to the essay reference paper for appendix help.
Please contact me if any questions arise.
The main body of the paper is 5 pages but the appendix will require 1-2 pages. I don’t believe Kant’s
Deontology needs an appendix if it had one that would be great. But please follow the instructions
regarding how many appendix one lens should have.