pre-implantation genetics

A research paper addressing student learning outcome number 11 will account for 20% of the grade. In this research paper the student will compile a research paper that combines critical thinking, biology, and compositional skills with a goal of integrating biological sciences and spiritual development. Students are free to choose any topic they learnt over the course of the semester which has ethical implications. The topics do not necessarily have to be on content covered in lectures and lessons; it can be something outside the box. Examples of topics to write on are: In-vitro-fertilization; genetic modified foods; circumcision; abortion; genetic testing; pre-implantation genetics; vaccination; sexuality and many others that may be of interest to you. This paper should highlight the science as well as spiritual aspect of things. You should give examples of scriptures that support your view of the science and biblical integration of the research topic. The paper should not exceed four pages. Use MLA format for references. The research paper should be submitted through Safe Assign in Blackboard. The research paper should be original research with a minimum of three references excluding the Bible.
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