English Literature


i just need it not to sound super smart, some smart words are fine, i need it to 12pt and times new roman. there have to be quites from the book part time indian, there needs to be quotes and my teacher has a plagerism software so please try no to plageris. the topic is down below
Poverty is one of the central reasons that Junior wants to escape the rez. He says that poverty doesn’t teach you anything other than to be poor. Explain why or why not this is true. In what ways has poverty impacted Junior’s life? In what ways has it impacted at least 2 other characters as well? How do you think Junior’s life would have been different had he not experienced poverty? How do the kids of Reardan view Junior’s poverty? How, if at all, does poverty serve as a motivator for Junior? What advice would you give to someone in Junior’s position?