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Posters using the Final Scholarly EBP Paper Assignment In week four you will be creating a professional poster worthy of dissemination. You will not be adding an abstract to your poster however, a poster can include some of the same content. Your poster will be a snapshot of your evidence based scholarly literature review. Your project is an evidence-based scholarly scientific inquiry. When creating a poster be careful to avoid the use of the words …this paper…because you are instead creating a visual representation of your work. You will need to decide what information is valuable to include. Your reader has not read your paper therefore, avoid references which may not make sense to the reader. It is best to keep it simple. Although your search may have only yielded a small number of articles it can still inform practice. This assignment will provide you with the skills necessary to display your poster in a professional program, conference, symposium or within your clinical setting. Examples Step 1 Review the Materials found in the Toolbox Examine the Poster Samples in the Toolbox Include your Name, Title, and Affiliation Select a Poster Template (Make signs offers free templates) (Links to an external site.) Headings are required Follow the Poster guidelines in the Articles found in the Toolbox (Color, Sizing, Spacing) Include References Content [Critically examine, edited, Revise, and Reference] 1. Succinct not too wordy 2. All content must fit on one poster template (do not provide 2 slides or Power Points) 3. Do not Cut and Paste from your paper instead carefully choose your content wisely Step 2 Download and submit your poster for Grading Rubric Submission of a Scholarly Professional Poster Poster informs the Evidence Based Project using a professional template and design according to the Poster guidelines found in the articles and videos within the Canvas toolbox 50pts Presentation, Organization, Writing Posters are created according to the guidelines for professional posters, Headings are provided, Title reflects the Evidence-based literature review (can be creative), and Johns Hopkins Nursing tools mentioned is written up professionally with detail 40pts Scholarly Writing Spelling and Grammar is checked and is free of errors. Formatting and fonts are consistent throughout text. 10pts How to make an academic poster in powerpoint Suggestions for Poster Headings 1. Your Title is Important 1. Guidelines suggest specific length for the title 2. The title should entice a colleague to read your review of the literature 3. The title should be relevant to the topic you explored 4. Your title does not need to be the same one you used for your EBP project paper 5. Be creative, think outside the box, and choose wisely 2. Type of project 1. Is your project an evidence-based practice, research, quality improvement, or new innovation 3. Poster Headings (Create those that are a good fit for your review of the literature) 1. Include Titles such as: 1. Introduction (Background of the problem identified, and the purpose of your project) 2. Methods 3. Findings (What were your results?) 4. Conclusions (Describe the meaning of your findings for nursing?or other targeted audience) 5. Implications for Practice (Describe how your study can guide practice) 6. References (Those mentioned with the majority within the past five years) 7. Other headings: 1. Lessons Learned 2. Results 3. Objectives 4. Direction Conclusions 5. Discussion 6. Opportunity for Improvement 7. Opportunities for Growth 8. Implementation Plan 9. Intervention 10. Evaluation Strategy 11. Timeline 12. Evaluation of Outcomes 13. Best Practices 14. Future Opportunity 15. Challenges 16. Summary 17. Critical Success Factors 18. Impact 19. Your Heading


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