Patient Safety in the Hospitalized Setting during a Pandemic.

Going off of the last paper you wrote for me I have attached another paper that had to be submitted for this ongoing research. In that paper there are resources to use to gather information for two powerpoint slides. The slides need to be a little bit more information heavy with factual information backed up by research. Feel free to use in text citations. APA 7.
One power point slide needs to be continued research on how to ensure the safety for patients who are high risk (severely ill/elderly/underlying health issues). The safety protocols, procedures, plan of care and any other measures taken specifically for this category of patients during a pandemic.
Second power point slide needs to have measurable outcomes and address feasibility issues within the hospital during a pandemic. I just need the two articles to be scholarly and put as a reference on the bottom of the slide. ( I am pretty sure the ones used prior were)
Keep in mind the topic is Patient Safety in the Hospitalized Setting during a Pandemic. We referenced Covid 19 since it is so recent, so feel free to do that as well for some examples. Thank you !! Please message me with any questions. I attached the paper.